Running Socks: Cotton or Synthetic?

Stanislav Yesep

Why does it matter?

The running socks you wear can make a considerable difference between a comfortable run with no pain and a painful experience. If you wear the wrong type of socks, you may experience chafing or even develop blisters and many other complications. High-quality running socks will manage moisture, protect your feet from shoe abrasion, and also help in providing some level of impact protection.

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So what is the best material to use for running shoes?

When choosing your running socks, the material is the most crucial factor to consider. You do not want to wear socks that will bring pain to your running experience. You have to weigh between cotton and synthetic fibers.

Let us have a look at both:


The best thing about cotton is that it is natural. The production of cotton socks is, therefore, environmentally friendly, and the socks are biodegradable. As such, cotton socks contribute to environmental conservation. One great option we offer is GOTS organic cotton, a virgin cotton fiber held to rigorous quality standards.

Another good thing with cotton socks is that they are more breathable in hot weather. You can wear them during the summer, and your feet will remain comfortable. Even for someone with sensitive skin, cotton socks are soft and gentle. You can wear them directly on your skin without needing anything underneath.

However, cotton retains moisture and stays wet. With moisture, heat, and friction, one can easily get blisters. It also gets more abrasive when wet and may make your running a painful one.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic materials include polyester and acrylic. They are the best for running as they can wick away moisture from your body. As such, they keep your feet comfortable and dry.

Synthetic fibers also provide insulation and will help retain warm air and keep away cold air during winter. They are also good during the summer as they help to wick sweat away from the body.  They, therefore, help in regulating temperatures when running.

Being that the synthetic socks are breathable and lightweight, they dry faster. They are also more durable, giving you the chance to reuse them over long periods.

Cotton / Synthetic Blend

The good thing with technology in the 21st century is that it combines the best qualities from different materials to develop custom socks that perform exceptionally well. The blend often performs better than the source materials.

The blending comes up with a material that has the benefits of both cotton and synthetic fiber. The running socks manufacturer studies each material's properties and comes up with a blend that performs best.

For instance, a blend containing polyester and cotton may have a higher polyester ratio and lower in cotton. Such a combination has been shown to dry faster than any of the two fabrics on their own.

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Picking the right running socks can make you enjoy running as it will be without pain. Cotton usually retains moisture and stays wet, which may cause abrasion and blisters. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid a material that is 100% cotton. Synthetic fibers are also good since they are lightweight and wick moisture away from the body. Also, blending the two materials can produce socks that function better than either of the material.

Thanks for reading our article and be sure to look into our football socks article if it interests you.

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