How to Get Football Socks For My Club?

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Football socks are one of the ways a football club brands itself. The socks players wear while playing or in training can promote the club’s philosophy and beliefs. As such, players and fans need to wear the club’s colors, and the designs on the socks need to be outstanding. Some of the things to consider when getting football socks for your club include:

Get the Club Logo and Colors

The socks need to represent the football club. Therefore, the club logo and colors need to be clearly displayed on the socks. That way, one can easily identify the football club by their socks. It will enhance the visibility of the club.

You can embroider the logo or print it by sublimation on the socks. That way, it will ensure that the logo remains on the socks as long as the socks last.

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Figure Out the Total Number of Socks Needed

The next thing to identify is the total number of socks you will need. You need to know the people who will wear the socks, from players to fans. As such, you will be able to come up with a number that works for you. For instance, our minimum order quantity would be 1000 pairs of socks.

Choose a Range of Sizes

Before you can choose the size of socks, you need to know the people who will be wearing them.That way, you can give the number of socks to be produced for each size. You will have to identify how many people will wear a certain size and how many socks of a specific size to be produced.

The manufacturer relies on the information you provide about sizes so that they can go on with manufacturing. A typical production process will have some socks sizes being many compared to other sizes.

Get Socks Labels / Packaging Designed

Packaging matters a lot. The package can usually tell a lot about the components. Usually, the package will contain the club’s colors. It also needs to have the football club’s logo. It also needs to have a clear label indicating that it contains socks. That will help in differentiating in case the package gets transported alongside some other club merchandise.

Work with a Manufacturer

Ideally, the process of working with a manufacturer includes the making of some samples before the client places an order. Once you are satisfied with the samples provided by the manufacturer, you can place an order.

The football socks manufacturer will work to ensure that they produce according to your requirements. Usually, football socks need to contain some unique properties in length, wick moisture away from the body and contain some gripping treads to avoid being slippery in the boots.

The manufacturer will add all the details, including logo, club colors, and any other specifications. Many people have an unrivalled passion for football and their football clubs. Therefore, they would like to see their football club with socks of the highest quality. The manufacturer will always produce the best quality football socks.

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