Printed Socks Vs Knitted Socks

Stanislav Yesep

What's The Difference?

Knitted socks involve the use of computer-controlled precision needles and optical sensors. Knitted socks do not involve embroidering an emblem onto the socks, but the logo gets knitted into the very fabric that makes the socks. You first submit a design, then the knitting machine will carry out the production.

On the other hand, printing by sublimation involves having a special paper with the image of the design you submitted and using it to print the design on the material. The process involves the use of a heat press at high temperatures and pressure to transfer the image onto the sock.

During the process of sublimation, the sublimation ink is heated, and it turns from solid to gaseous form. It gets into the sock while in gaseous form, then cools and goes back to the original solid form. It dries out as part of the sock, forming the intended designs.

So what distinguishes the two?

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Knitted Socks

Knitted socks have several benefits:

It is cheaper to produce. Ideally, you are knitting the logo using threads. You can choose to use any material of your choice, including wool, hemp, synthetic fiber, and cotton.

·      It is better with simple, blocky, and contrasting designs that you can use a machine to knit. The knitting process adds the design into the sock's other fabric, making it part of the sock.

·      It has a more luxurious look since it has the logo knitted into the fabric of the socks.

·      You can produce in a variety of styles, including designer, streetwear, and classic styles. It only depends on the variety of threads and needles you are willing to use.

·      The most unique feature is that knitted designs are limited to needle count. Needles can be thought of the same way one sees pixel density. For instance, 220 needles can be treated as 220 pixels.

Printed Socks

Some of the benefits of printed socks include:

·      One can cover the entire sock with a single image. You can also choose to have several images on the same sock or the same picture printed severally.

·      You can even use faces on socks designs, as sublimation technology allows you to make socks with photos of them.

·      If you have an already completed artwork, you can easily print it onto a sock. Once you have the image well-drawn, the only other thing required is the sublimation ink and the heat.The sublimation ink cools to give an outstanding image on the sock.

·      It is simple to print with sublimation. The entire process is pretty simple and straightforward, and only needs you to read the instructions on the machine. You need to know when to use a darker background and a white or near-white surface.

·      You can use artwork of any style at a high resolution, showing any image you would like to. Printing gives you a chance to get creative, and you can incorporate all the details you want.

Generally, both printed and knitted socks have their own benefits. Whether in the process of making, the cost, or any other component, they all have unique advantages.

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