Can You Make Socks With Photos On Them?

Stanislav Yesep

Our Guide to Photo Printed Socks

Are photo socks possible? Yes, you can make them and gift friends, family, and children - even your pets! Personalized socks are a readily acceptable gift and do not discriminate between genders or age groups. You can gift them to anyone at any time.

Making personalized socks with photos on them will need you to follow the following process:

1.  Get a Photo Ready

The first thing to have is the photo you want to use on the socks. The photo needs to be a high-quality image with a clear background. You can choose to have things in the background or take the picture on a white background.

All in all, the most important thing is to have a high-quality picture. It can be a picture of your face or any other person or something else you want to be printed on the socks.

2. Use a Socks Mockup

A socks mockup will help you to come up with the layout and design of the image on the socks. You may want to use a single image to cover the entire sock, or use the same image several times on the same sock.

If you cannot use a mockup to design your own socks, you can employ designer to help you develop a perfect design. The good thing with a designer is that they can give you the estimates of production costs so that you can budget on a particular design.

The designer can also negotiate with the production company on your behalf. They will give details of the socks to the manufacturing company and make inquiries based on the details they give.

3. Work With a Company That Offers Sublimated Socks as an Option

Producing socks with pictures will need you to work with a company that offers sublimation printing. Sublimation printing works in a way that is similar to heat transfer paper but uses a specialty paper called sublimation paper.

The image you provided will be printed onto the sublimation paper and pressed onto the socks under high temperatures. The heat turns the sublimation ink into a gas, and the gas embeds itself onto the sock. On cooling, it gets back to solid-state and remains part of the fabric oft he socks.

The good thing with sublimation printing is that it lasts long enough, and the image remains as long a the sock lasts.

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Socks with photos on them can be a very unique gift. You can gift them to friends, relatives, and children. The good thing is that once you have the picture that you want to be printed on the socks, the other steps are easy to achieve.

Getting a socks manufacturer that offers sublimation is not a difficult task. You can contact them and make an order. The minimum order is usually 1000 pairs or more. With the value they deliver, you will definitely see it as a worthy investment.  It is good to create memories, and using socks that have photos on them can be such a unique way to create lasting memories.

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