Compression Socks: 7 Things to Know

Stanislav Yesep

Taking a Closer Look

Compression socks are socks made of strong, elastic material fiber worn around the limb. Compression stockings are used to prevent or manage limb-related disorders and improve blood circulation.

Compression socks have grown to become quite popular in the medical profession. The rise in popularity is due to the various medical benefits it affords during therapy to those in need. They also make for great running socks. Aside from the numerous benefits of these special socks, there have been growing misbeliefs about them.

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What you should know about Compression Socks

      i.        Compression socks are designed to provide different pressure levels, typically measured in 8-15mmHg,15-20mmHg, and 20-30mmHg. The level of pressure is dependent on the desired outcome. For instance, athletes can use socks rated 15-20 mmHg in pressure.

     ii.        Compression stockings help reduce swelling caused by fluid retention, as in the case of edema disorder. Edema disorder results from various medical conditions such as pregnancy, heart failure, or kidney disease. It causes the body to retain fluids, which can make your legs swell. Although serious problems like heart failure and kidney disease will need other medication types, compression socks will help you mitigate the symptoms on the legs. The pressure generated by the compression helps reduce excess fluid leakage from blood vessels.

    iii.        Compression socks can help to support muscles and joints for active people or those suffering from aging joints and muscles. Compressing certain joints and muscles enables one to gain support when engaging in walking, running, or sitting. The compression socks will ensure that the muscles stay aligned and move correctly and stay aligned.

    iv.        Wearing compression socks decreases the risk of having blood clots. Blood clots can result from improper blood circulation, medication, or surgery. One way to ensure proper blood flow is by wearing compression socks, which prevents blood clotting.

     v.        Compression socks will aid the feet in recovery. Your feet bear the most of your body weight, meaning that your feet need to recover and heal. Because compression socks enhance blood circulation, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the feet increases. The blood cells with less oxygen and nutrients also get carried away from your feet. The process helps in the repair and recovery of muscles.

    vi.        Wearing compression socks enhances comfort. When engaging in certain activities requiring you to sit fora long while (like traveling or working at the office), compression socks will help keep you comfortable. They ensure that your feet have proper blood circulation, decreasing the chances of discomfort and swelling that may arise from immobility.

   vii.        There are medical-grade compression socks prescribed to patients with a history of diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, venous and cardiac insufficiency, and varicose veins. They help to prevent blood from pooling, ensuring that blood returns back to the heart. It keeps one healthy and works on their well-being.

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Wearing compression socks can provide you with health benefits that you cannot get from any other type of socks. The level of compression varies based on one’s needs and the desired outcome. Either way, the benefits are notable.

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