5 Ways to Put Your Logo on Socks

Stanislav Yesep

5 Ways to Put Your Logo on Socks

Getting your logo added to your customizable socks is one way to look stylish. When putting your logo on socks, there are several methods you can use. Your logo has to be visible and should contain excellent aesthetics. Some of the ways you can use include heat transfer, knitting, embroidering, printing, and rubber grip logo.

Heat Transfer Logo

With heat transfer paper, the process first involves using an inkjet or laser printer to print the logo onto a piece of transfer paper. The socks manufacturer then places the paper on the sock and applies heat and pressure using a heat press.

Usually, there is pressure regulation, and it varies from medium to high pressure. Once the heating cycle ends, the transfer heat press's head is lifted, and the transfer Is complete. There are two types of heat press papers:

1. Light / clear heat press papers:  for white or light grey colored socks
2. Dark / opaque heat press papers: for colored socks
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Knitted Logo

A knitted logo involves the use of computer-controlled precision needles and optical sensors. The process entails the actual knitting of the logo into the fabric of the socks. Depending on your socks' choice, the custom socks manufacturer will customize the logo design that you submitted digitally.

Printed Logo

Sublimation printing is similar to the process of heat transfer paper. It involves printing a design onto a piece of specialty paper (sublimation paper in this case) and pressing it to the socks.However, there is a difference in the science of sublimation.

Usually, the sublimation ink turns from solid to gas when heated. The gas embeds itself on the fabric of the socks, and when it cools, it goes back to the solid-state and remains part of the fabric.As such, the transferred logo does not add any layer on top of the fabric, meaning that there is no difference in feeling between the printed logo and the rest of the socks.

Logo printing by sublimation is durable and usually lasts as long as the socks will last.

We've put together a resource to help you decide on printed vs knitted socks.

Embroidered Logo

With embroidery, the custom socks manufacturer stitches a logo into the fabric of the socks. It is long-lasting, ensuring durability, and can last as long as the socks last. It requires thicker fabric. It is a bit costly, but the longevity of the designs makes it cost-effective.

Many businesses choose embroidery for their garments. Embroidered logos give the garments a more solid feel, making them look professional. Therefore, it is recommended for use on garments meant to belong-lasting.

Rubber Grip Logo

Rubber grip logos involve adding grips to the underside of the socks to prevent slipping and falling. The tread grippers can be made of a company logo. Such socks can be helpful for someone who engages in activity that makes them sweat.

The grips will hold your feet and prevent slipping. Another good thing is that they can be used at the hospital with diabetic patients or any other patient. The socks can also be made with a loose, non-binding top to avoid the usually uncomfortable ring in traditional elastic top bands.

Rubber grip socks are also the go-to choice for babies and toddlers.

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