How Socks are Made: Step-by-Step Guide

Stanislav Yesep

The Sock-Making Process

Socks may be a small part of an average person's wardrobe, but they take a significant share in the fashion industry. Similarly, the process of making socks has evolved over the years, from hand-knitting in the 1900s to a well-optimized process inrecent years. This article gives a step-by-step guide to the standard approach to making socks.

Step 1: Concept Design

Before you can start the whole process, you need first to have a design or idea. The socks maybe for an upcoming event, a team, or a specific company's gift to its employees. Based on the reason, you have to figure out how the socks will look like.

The company researches market trends and comes up with ideas to use for men's, women's, and children's socks. They will come up with design drawings, and once the decision-makers agree with the taste, they develop a technical drawing, also referred to as a cartridge.

The company carries out several color tests before agreeing on the right one. They conduct several other tests on the material, damping, and dyeing properties, then the sales and production managers decide what fits best.

The end result is that the client gets personalized socks designed for their unique brand needs.

Step 2: Product Development

The employees first prepare the yarn for the machine. It helps prevent tearing or slipping of the yarn while the machine uses it, thus preventing longer production hours or unexpected errors when finishing. The yarn has to be clean and maintain a uniform thickness.

One thing to observe is the suppleness of the yarn, as it plays a vital role. Employees in the winding department use the cross-wound bobbins for setting and loading.Workers adjust the spool to make it easy to pull off the yarn, and there is always a reserve that ensures there is enough material for the next bobbin.

The yarn will then pass through an adjustable slot to remove any protruding fibers.

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Step 3: Production

Production involves knitting, and it consists of a knitter looking after the machines to ensure that the final product possesses consistently high quality. The machines usually read the production parameters, including patterns and needle numbers, and weave the yarns to produce toe-unstitched socks.

Employees then sew the toe opening. First, they turn the socks inside-out so that no traces of sewing can be seen. They then align the socks and manually put them in the sewing machine. The employees have to be careful to avoid over-stretching the toe opening. It may make an uneven final product.

The following process is the boarding process to ensure that the socks are in good shape and ready for pairing and packaging. Employees place the socks on the mold to be heated and pressed, making the socks flat and without wrinkles.

Packaging and Shipping

Finally, the employees check for the quality to ensure no defects in length, trimming, and interlocking. They then pack the folded socks in transparent OPP bags. They then put the socks in cartons, ready for shipping.

The socks can be stored in a warehouse awaiting dispatch or directly transported to a customer's address.

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