Cotton Socks: Why Choose Cotton?

Stanislav Yesep

Cotton's use in Textiles

The textile industry has contributed significantly to the use of myriad fibers in cloth-making. This is due to the inherent properties that each fiber uniquely possesses. In the case of socks production, the most commonly used fibers include organic cotton, wool, linen, and bamboo.  The choice of material depends on one’s need and preference.  

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Why Choose Cotton?

The natural fiber is applauded for its outstanding qualities, making it one of the best choices when making and buying socks. Common types of cotton include natural, recycled, mercerized, and combed cotton.  

Natural or organic cotton – is derived from cotton grown without the use of harsh chemicals usually contained in pesticides, fertilizers making it eco-friendly.  
Recycled cotton – it is also called regenerated cotton. It is basically cotton fiber extracted from discarded cotton fabric pieces.
Mercerized cotton – is a cotton thread obtained after the completion of the mercerization process. This type of cotton tends to be very lustrous and shiny, a final look that is due to the finishing processes it undergoes.
Combed cotton – is also referred to as combined cotton. It is cotton that has been treated for impurities and spun into a yarn, making it the most expensive of the four.

Listed below are reasons as to why you should choose cotton socks:

The Benefits

The cellulosic nature of cotton fiber enables it to attract water molecules from the environment, making it super absorbent. Making it the best choice for socks as it can absorb sweat, leaving your feet feeling dry throughout the day. Sweaty feet are known to cause foot odor, foot fungus, and bacterial infection

The lightweight and hollow nature of the cotton fiber tends to make cotton socks extraordinarily soft and gentle on the skin, making your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Cotton is a natural fiber free from chemical additives, making it biodegradable and safe for the environment compared to synthetic fibers. Similarly, cotton socks are an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin as it does not contain harsh chemicals that might irritate the skin.

Popularly known as the lightest fiber, cotton socks tend to be very airy and lightweight, making them breathable, allowing your feet less sweaty.

The cotton fiber has a high resistance to heat, mild chemicals, detergents, and bleaches, making it a good material for trying out dyes to achieve desired look contrary to the famous white color. The resistance to heat allows your feet to remain cool and deter heat stress

Commonly available organic socks options to choose from

With varying consumer preferences, socks manufacturers have been forced to introduce various organic socks to the market. It includes bamboo socks, linen socks, GOTS organic socks, and woolen socks. For more eco-friendly options, also consider looking into recycled socks manufacturers.

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Bottom Line

While wearing quality cotton socks is suitable for your feet, it does not negate the importance of overall feet hygiene. Standard practices like wearing clean socks and shoes every time, washing, and occasional soaking of your feet, treating fungal infections and seeking medical attention when required. These seemingly minute practices will help you maintain good foot hygiene.

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